Life Changes

Alright my fellow Baby Boomer, let's say that it's about 20 years from now.

Where do you see yourself living?
Are you working? Volunteering? Doing what?
Who are the important people in your life? Are they nearby?
How’s your money situation?

What I offer is a way for you to get ready for the rest of your life by helping you to intentionally plan for it and then by supporting you to actually carry out your plan via my life coaching services and support. The idea is for you to live a more secure and happy life going forward into your years to come.

If you spend even a little time considering the questions above, you'll get a feel for life planning and the importance of doing it sooner than later. (Download a comprehensive and complimentary life planning assessment here.)

A New Stage and Uncertain Times

By now, it's no secret that you and I are part of an expansive generation that will live longer than any before us. Lots has been written about what we are facing, but it boils down to the fact that we are experiencing a brand new life stage that exists between middle and old age. You might say we've been given an extension, an extension that no one's seen before and as a result, retirement and aging will never be for us what it was for our folks.

And so while we're entering uncertain times the antidote for that uncertainty is life planning which does four things:

1. Planning brings things into clearer focus. It allows us to step back and to get the big picture of our lives.
2. It helps us identify and reduce legal, financial, health and other risks.
3. The planning process expands our choices.
4. Preparation helps us decide if unplanned for opportunities are worth pursuing.

Life Planning and Coaching for Your Success

This brings us to intentional life planning plus coaching. Life planning is thinking in a purposeful way about how you want to live. It begins with knowing who you are – your values strengths and motivations – then applies this knowledge to making choices and setting goals. Meanwhile, coaching is partnering in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires you to maximize your potential. When life planning is paired with coaching in our work together it will significantly up your chances of creating your best life after 50. Get in touch and let's set up a complimentary call to talk about the possibilities.

"Dan helped me focus on my goals and gain balance in my life. The most important end result was propelling me to a realization as to what's significant and meaningful in life."
— Morris Pettit

"I am very glad I chose coaching as a step towards achieving balance in my life. Thanks to you, Dan, I was able to define what my passion is and put together the plan to make it happen I can hardly believe the ease and great sense of accomplishment of being on the right path. Incredible events and opportunities happen daily and I now know that with my commitment, it will continue. The fact that you made sure I was a good fit before taking me on gave me more confidence in knowing it was a good decision, too, and I respect your professionalism in that decision. You will hear more of me, Dan, as I send referrals your way! Thanks again for a great experience!"
— Heidi Weston

“You have been very generous with your empathy, enthusiasm and genuine interest in my progress. Thank you for making such an important contribution to this very pivotal time in my life's journey."
— Bart Dellinger

"I have been fortunate to work with Dan on several occasions over the past 5 years or so. He is a perfect go-to when you are looking for clarity in both business direction and personal coaching. His bullseye questions directly and thoughtfully open up the conversation offering new perceptions and lead to insightful thinking. His ability to pull from many directions broader to the more specific shows vision and complex thinking. Many times he has offered just what I needed to move forward. He is talented and highly professional. I highly recommend his honed skills."
– Lilli Ann Carey

"Dan can't help being a coach and an encourager. I have known Dan for a number of years and in that time had several conversations about life, business, the universe and our purpose on this planet. On each of those topics (and more -get him talking about his car trip across America) Dan shared insights that pointed me in new directions. Dan is an interesting, knowledgeable and valuable man. And did I mention he can't help being a coach! It's in every fiber of his being."
– Al Doyle

"Dan really listens to what you say you want and then helps you guide yourself to your goals. Brilliant mind, compassionate soul, results focused. A definite thumbs up!"
– Kim Lancaster

"Dan is one of the most intelligent and emotionally-intelligent people I know. He has an immense ability to think and strategize across many disciplines, which allows him to zero in on the best question to ask or course of action to take. This is a quality man who is well qualified for a job that uses his full breadth of human relation skills and critical thinking."
– Nancy Conger

Your Payoff

Looking at your life to come and actually planning for it as best as you can is essential. But so is implementing your plan, which will take some effort. So, along with helping you to create your plan, I will also support you to actually carry it out. And, if need be, I can put you in touch with any experts you’ll need for help along the way. Also, remember that this work is something you can do either before or after you decide to retire...

And the payoff? A far more peaceful and... Read more


These engaging sessions can be offered at your workplace as well as for continuing education programs and at group gatherings.

Life Planning for You and Those You Love

Life planning is thinking in a purposeful way about how you want to live. Join us as we look at our lives now and in the years to come and start the process of getting clear about what will be needing our attention 10 to 20 years out and how we can begin to prepare for those days now.

Upcoming Life Planning Workshops in the Seattle Area

North Seattle College, May 11
North Seattle College, July 13
More dates to be announced.

"This class and of course the instructor/coach gave me... Read more

About Dan

More happy and secure. Simply put, that's what I want you to be throughout your many years to come, and I know that life planning and "doing" your plan will be the keys to making it happen. As a coach, I have been supporting people to create and implement their plans for their personal and professional lives since 1997. Boomer Shifts Coaching came about after hearing from many a Boomer about what they want for their futures. It's the right focus at the right time.

My background has proved a good foundation for helping my clients to plan their lives and to act on those plans. Coaching-wise, I was one of the first coaches in the Northwest to be certified by the International Coach Federation and soon, with other pioneers, co-founded the local ICF chapter, now known as ICF Washington State.

I have been a speaker and facilitator on issues regarding coaching, leadership, and career development. I've conducted over 800 effective presentations, workshops and seminars for various local and national organizations including AARP, Costco, Adobe Systems, Campbell Soup Company and King County, Washington. I've been quoted in publications like the Seattle Times and Inc. magazine. And I've authored the book, Creating Results That Matter: A Coaching Manual for Anyone.

Also, I have completed the core curriculum at The Coaches Training Institute as well as its Co-Active Leadership program. I am currently a member of the University of Washington's Consulting Alliance, am on the board of the Puget Sound Career Development Association, and am working to start the Seattle chapter of the Life Planning Network.

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